Our Woodlands. Our Future.


The Woodlands has been one of the best-selling master planned communities in Texas and in the nation. Residential units were once expected to reach near 70,000 units. There was a decrease in residential units affected by both the 1980s economic crisis and September 11, 2001. Currently, over 51,000 residential units are expected upon completion of The Woodlands, and projections are running as scheduled. The graph above was plotted using data from The Woodlands Community Facts.

The Woodlands Texas
The Woodlands Texas

Most Woodlands Residents normally pay little attention to the requirements of our Restrictive Covenants and Standards (collectively called Deed Restrictions) or their enforcement. At least until they want to make improvements or major repairs to their property. But when they purchased their homes they agreed to abide by the requirements of these Deed Restrictions. Standards have been developed for both Commercial and Residential Properties and are applied uniformly across all The Woodlands. These standards are updated from time to time to reflect new building practices, materials and architectural designs. Numerous HOAs exist within The Woodlands which also have their own Deed Restrictions. However, these individual HOA rules and regulations are subservient to The Woodlands Restrictive Covenants and Standards.

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The 32nd Annual Economic Outlook Conference hosted by The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce gathered local businesses, community leaders, elected officials, and corporate executives and advisors to provide valuable insight into local community developments and projected economic growth in Montgomery County and Texas. In the midst of a region that got right back on its feet after being knocked down by a devastating Hurricane Harvey, the event theme this year was “Resilient Community, Innovative Future.”

Next, Alex Sutton III, P.E. and Co-President of The Woodlands Development Company, and Tim Welbes, Co-President of The Woodlands Development Company, gave an update of recent and future developments in The Woodlands area. Multifamily living unites include the Millennium Waterway, Millennium Six Pines, Creekside Park the Residences, One Lakes Edge and One Lakes Edge Phase 2. 292 units at Creekside Park the Residences will feature townhomes with attached garages, four-story garden-style apartments, home automation in every unit, and a children’s play area and dog park.

Four Hughes Landing will be a 13-floor building with 350,000 sq ft of Class A Office space, and at 10 Waterway Ave., a 20-story building with 500,000 sq ft of class A office space will be built. Lake Woodlands Crossing, a brand new 62,565 sq ft retail center on the northeast side of Lake Woodlands Dr. and Grogan’s Mill Rd., is currently underway. The construction of a 60,000 sq ft Research Forest Crossing retail center that would be located on the northeast side of Research Forest Dr. and Grogan’s Mill Rd. is being considered. 1400 self-storage units at SH 242 and FM 2978 were recently built.

“The headline on this event was the economic outlook. The answer to the question? It’s very, very good, and it’s even better thanks to Kevin Brady and the new tax rates,” said Tim Welbes.


Speaking for myself, the demeanor of "The Dreamer" appearing to be in a blissful and meditative state represents the subtle inner peace and tranquility I feel when I come home to The Woodlands and am surrounded by the lush greenery and healthy forest of pine trees that I grew up in. This feeling, of increased happiness from being surrounded by nature, is something that I know most of The Woodlands residents enjoy- and not just because they tell me, but because it has been proven through scientific studies.


Mobike The Woodlands
Mobike The Woodlands

“We’re incredibly excited about this, and it is something we’ve been trying to put together for a couple years now. I don’t know if many of you know, we have 2200 hotel rooms available in The Woodlands every single night," said Bruce Rieser, Chairman of the board at Visit The Woodlands, who as a 30+ year executive at British Airways understands the power of travel and tourism. "We’re actively promoting The Woodlands now as a destination for both corporate meetings, small conventions, and frankly, a great place for you to come and hang out in. Mobike is going to add to that by making the residents and visitors in our town center much more mobile and able to experience a larger piece of our wonderful and beautiful hometown.” 

Not only will Mobikes provide a convenient and enjoyable method of transportation for people working, shopping, or hanging out in Town Center to get around, as Township Director Dr. Ann Snyder pointed out, “We are a very health conscious community with over 200 miles of pathway and 130 parks. For those of us that have family or guests that don’t live in The Woodlands who want to ride bikes when they come, it’s right there.”

“We really appreciate how forward thinking The Woodlands Township has been. This is a really beautiful community with lots of bike paths and a very active lifestyle, so we think there is a really strong fit between our organization and the local community here,” said Jason Wong, the United States’ general manager of Mobike.

Ode to Joy
Ode to Joy

Did you know The Woodlands has more public art per capita than any other community in the United States? We have over 36 pieces of art residing in the public domain and another 30 plus pieces residing on private property. The problem is…too few people know this amazing fact and too few Woodlands residents talk about our art or know the history of our art. Beginning with The Family, a sculpture acquired for The Woodlands’ grand opening in 1974, The Woodlands Development Company has embraced the arts as a mean to enrich our community from our very beginning. We are grateful to live in a community where art is one of our founding pillars of excellence...

With its ability to memorialize and celebrate life, I believe, as many others, that art can have a profound effect on people. Our Art Bench initiative is an example. There are myriad stories about the positive impact and community value the Art Benches have had on its residents. Community art is important, free and for everyone. It reaches residents and visitors outside of pay-to-see art venues like museums, theaters and private collections. Our Art Bench Collection is a mirror image of the community at large reflecting who we are: a diverse people; and what we like to surround ourselves with: diverse works of arts from artists from all over the world.

Through the passion they display with their hard work and triumph in the face of adversity, the Astros represent the indefatigable willpower of the city that was knocked off its feet but has gotten right back up again.

When they win tonight, the Astros will give their fans something to be proud of during hard times. Their trending hashtagable motto is something that Texans agree upon and understand. Nothing in this life worth having will be handed to you. If you want to be great and make it, you’ve got to #EarnHistory.

Please join the four Township Candidates and The Voter Awareness Council at the Black Walnut Cafe for an informal opportunity to meet the candidates on the November 7, 2017 ballot. This is an opportunity to thank John McMullan (Position 5), Ann Snyder (Position 6), Laura Fillault (Position 7) and Carol Stromatt (Position 7) for offering to serve our community and to chat informally about the next two years.

This event will be held on Wednesday, September 27th from 4:30-5:45 (prior to The Woodlands Township Board meeting). Thanks to the Black Walnut for their donation of some light bites, water and tea. Cash bar is available. Please bring a friend or colleague along with you and forward this email to those in your circles! This event is open to the public.


The foundation will enrich fine art culture in The Woodlands not only with its in-house exhibits and classes but externally as well, with permanent public art pieces, local business art projects, and sponsorship of community art festivals. It will also sponsor trips and outings to local and regional art museums, art and cultural foundations, art festivals and events, national art exhibits, and international art venues.

Furthermore, the Glade Arts Foundation will offer multiple scholarships to aspiring local artists, including a full ride to a two or four-year undergraduate visual arts program. To be eligible to receive a coveted G.A.F. scholarship, applicants must be accepted into a full-time undergraduate visual arts degree program, have a high school or undergraduate GPA of 3.8 or 3.5 respectively, be involved in community service, and submit the formal Glade Arts Foundation application with a portfolio of their art works.

Although most of the specific content of the museum has yet to be revealed to the public, we do know that the center will house a permanent collection highlighting the life, influence, and legacy of David Adickes, a Houston native who is world-renown for epic works like his 67-foot-tall statue of Sam Houston in Huntsville. This collection will include paintings, sculptures, and sketches by Adickes, as well as videos and literature showing his stories, influence and reflections.


The grounds are saturated, rivers and creeks continue to swell. Areas that flooded in 1994 will be inundated with water again. If you are in a low lying area prone to flooding, you need to get to higher ground now. We have several Red Cross Shelters open and receiving evacuees. If you receive a message on your mobile device to evacuate, do so immediately.

Benjamin Franklin wrote, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When it comes to saving lives, Montgomery County Hospital District knows how true this is. Minutes count in heart attacks, choking and other potentially deadly incidents. The people who are in the room when something happens are the difference for that person. At MCHD, you are that ounce of prevention. Whether you want to learn CPR, how to stop the bleeding from a major cut, how to put in your child’s car seat correctly, or just being prepared when babysitting, Montgomery County Hospital District has the answer.

Montgomery County Hospital District offers a range of classes designed to equip county residents on a number of life saving tips and tools that will help save lives by being the first to step up and help someone in distress.

Our tagline is “Because Art Matters” and we believe that art enriches individuals and communities. No great civilization has ever existed without art. By enhancing the quality of life, arts help attract and keep residents and businesses in our area. A Cultural Arts Center would spur additional retail activity including restaurants and hotels and also increase sales and hotel tax revenues. For these same reasons we support a Cultural Arts District or cultural tourism in The Woodlands.

Art fosters joy, hope, imagination, introspection and healing. Fortunately, it also offers economic benefits to our community as well.

And they are doing, if you look around Houston at all the midrise apartments all within 20-30 blocks of Houston, The Woodlands is building them to begin with. The Condos and apartments, right in the major, major center, right where the water taxi goes and the other things. And they are trying hard to preserve the trees. The bigger they get, the tougher it gets, but so far they are doing a good job. But it’s a great project and I think that everyone that worked on it were happy to be part of it.

Every year since 1976, The Woodlands Development Company has compiled a “Community Facts” sheet containing, among other things, current and projected ultimate population and employment. This information was available at the Information Center or Homefinder Center. The 2016 Community Facts sheet projects a population of 130,800 at completion. This represents a decrease of approximately 13% when compared to earlier estimates from the 1980’s through the year 2000, which projected an ultimate population of 150,000.

On October 19, 1974, The Woodlands celebrated its grand opening and the introduction of this new community to the Houston marketplace. Progress over the years has been achieved through the collaborative efforts of our employees, residents, governmental agencies, churches, civic organizations, financial institutions and business leaders who have chosen The Woodlands as a preferred location. Defining events as set forth in the following chronology have made The Woodlands unique and the achievements rather amazing.

The Woodlands was always envisioned as a “complete” community with a major employment center where one can “live, work, play and learn.” The economics of land development dictates, with rare exceptions, “rooftops first” followed by commercial development and employment. Therefore, the residential villages developed first in a counter-clockwise fashion around the future Town Center, in order to provide the supporting population and facilities needed to develop a true downtown.