Our Woodlands. Our Future.


Currently, The Woodlands has 34,000,000 square feet of non-residential space with the ultimate projected at 41,500,000 square feet. Dips in the vision for the square footage reflect the 1980s economic crisis and September 11, 2001. Also in the early 2000s, the land for Harper’s Landing, Grogan’s Forest and East Shore were converted to residential. The graph above was plotted using data from The Woodlands Community Facts.


Township Board Chairman Bunch spoke about his vision for the community, saying “I want our township to be an example for all the cities in Texas, our country, and the world as well.” The success of The Woodlands is easily summed up but not so easily done, Bunch said. It’s all about “the quality of life, our first-class amenities, our low tax rates, a vibrant local economy and what I call intentional investment," he said.

That “intentional investment” includes expansion of the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion – making it the number two venue of its kind on Earth – as well as the expansion of The Woodlands Mall, the largest generator of sales taxes in the township. Bunch also pointed out that when residents were asked what words accurately describe The Woodlands, the number one response was "beautiful."

The Woodlands offers a unique suburban lifestyle that is well-suited for businesses, their employees and families. We are known for our pro-business atmosphere, unique class A office space, close proximity to international airports and world-class shopping, as well as fine dining, diverse residential living, championship golf, excellent education and healthcare systems and more.

Employment options continue to grow in The Woodlands. It has been getting better and better for decades. Major corporations locating here allow our young adults to come back home to live, work and play. Both my son and daughter ultimately moved back to the area because their best job offers were here. You never know how long they’ll stay, but as a parent you hope it’s forever.

If you look the Town Center now is doing very well, and beautifully done. And we won on the mall. We have one of the best malls in the Houston region.

The Town Center has always been planned as a regional center. Today, over 75% of the sales tax receipts come from visitors to The Woodlands. The Town Center is envisioned as a vibrant, urban, mixed-use, pedestrian and transit-friendly downtown, containing not only office and retail uses, but also urban residential, cultural, and recreation uses with a 24-hour activity base.