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Authored by The Woodlands In Focus

The Township election is conducted in accordance with the county elections. Please consult www.montgomeryvotes.org or www.harrisvotes.orgfor the latest information, or you may view the polling locations and information as compiled by The Woodlands Township.

Authored by Charles Frantes

Through the passion they display with their hard work and triumph in the face of adversity, the Astros represent the indefatigable willpower of the city that was knocked off its feet but has gotten right back up again.

When they win tonight, the Astros will give their fans something to be proud of during hard times. Their trending hashtagable motto is something that Texans agree upon and understand. Nothing in this life worth having will be handed to you. If you want to be great and make it, you’ve got to #EarnHistory.

Authored by Charles Frantes

Since its founding in 1974, The Woodlands has steadily grown into a thriving community in which over 115,000 people live and roughly 64,000 are employed. Amazingly enough, through all of this development The Woodlands has managed to maintain a land ratio of 28% green space (that’s 5% higher than George Mitchell’s original vision for The Woodlands intended). This combination of urban development and conservation of the natural environment has developed The Woodlands into one of the most highly rated places to live and work in America, making its homes highly sought after and increasingly more valuable. With one of the lowest crime rates in the US and relatively low tax rates in comparison to similarly sized cities in Texas, there is not much for residents of The Woodlands to complain about…that is besides traffic.
As increasingly more people begin to live and work in The Woodlands every day, it makes sense that the roads are becoming more and more congested. With The Woodlands approaching buildout capacity, Montgomery County Precinct Three’s commissioner James Noack hired third party Brown and Gay Engineers to conduct multiple studies on the flow of traffic in and around The Woodlands, and how it could be improved. Commissioner Noack’s South County Mobility Study (Sept 2015) discovered that many of the main thoroughfares in and around The Woodlands are experiencing traffic at a level that exceeds the capacity of the existing improvements. Within The Woodlands, the required improvements including grade separations at major intersections and pavement widening are in the plan and can be accommodated within the existing right-of-way dedicated to the county, but have not yet been implemented due to lack of funding. However, the existing interchanges along IH 45 at Woodlands Parkway/Robinson Road and Lake Woodlands Drive which are outside The Woodlands are rural designs which have become obsolete as the area has developed into an urban area. The study warns, “Inadequate transportation facilities and services in the SCMP study area threaten the quality of life enjoyed by current residents as well as [The Woodlands’] continued economic growth.”

Authored by Amy Lecocq

Please join the four Township Candidates and The Voter Awareness Council at the Black Walnut Cafe for an informal opportunity to meet the candidates on the November 7, 2017 ballot. This is an opportunity to thank John McMullan (Position 5), Ann Snyder (Position 6), Laura Fillault (Position 7) and Carol Stromatt (Position 7) for offering to serve our community and to chat informally about the next two years.

This event will be held on Wednesday, September 27th from 4:30-5:45 (prior to The Woodlands Township Board meeting). Thanks to the Black Walnut for their donation of some light bites, water and tea. Cash bar is available. Please bring a friend or colleague along with you and forward this email to those in your circles! This event is open to the public.

Authored by Charles Frantes

Coming this fall, the Glade Arts Foundation will open The Woodlands’ premier fine arts museum at 2000 Woodlands Parkway, in the same building that used to function as The Woodlands Information Center. Thanks to the ambition and passion of the co-founders Lisa Harra, Dragos Tapu, Andy Bauman and Roy J. Villarrial, Jr., residents and visitors of The Woodlands and Montgomery County area will have proximate access to a dynamic top-tier museum and fine arts cultural center. The center will offer a uniquely enriching art experience by partnering with fine art associations and foundations across the globe to provide curated museum-like exhibits and educational seminars hosted by acclaimed artists, curators, and influencers in the world of fine art. By attracting influential and creative people in The Woodlands, the foundation will inspire artists of all ages and skill levels with arts education.

“The main goal of our foundation is to enrich lives through the art of ART,” Dragos Tapu, a fine art enthusiast and gallerist here in The Woodlands explains. “We want to inspire our community to foster an appreciation and connect our emotions and feelings to the visual effects of fine arts, establishing it as a core element in our lives.”

The Glade Arts Foundation will offer classes and seminars focused on specific exhibits, art disciplines and techniques, art history and culture, and art’s relation to business leadership. It will also host art appreciation clubs and provide a focal point for artist to artist collaboration. Moreover, the foundation plans to designate Mondays entirely to offering free tours and workshops for various groups within the community.


Authored by The Woodlands In Focus
The grounds are saturated, rivers and creeks continue to swell. Areas that flooded in 1994 will be inundated with water again. If you are in a low lying area prone to flooding, you need to get to higher ground now. We have several Red Cross Shelters open and receiving evacuees. If you receive a message on your mobile device to evacuate, do so immediately...We are out of high water barricades. Do not take it for granted that if there isn’t a barricade that the road is safe to drive over. Motorists should use extreme caution when driving as some flooded or damaged roads may not be barricaded until we can secure more barricades. Flowing water on roadways can easily sweep a vehicle off the road. If you can stay at home, please do, do not drive unless you absolutely must. Please do not go out sightseeing. Turn around Don’t Drown.
Authored by Ashton Herring

Benjamin Franklin wrote, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When it comes to saving lives, Montgomery County Hospital District knows how true this is. Minutes count in heart attacks, choking and other potentially deadly incidents. The people who are in the room when something happens are the difference for that person. At MCHD, you are that ounce of prevention. Whether you want to learn CPR, how to stop the bleeding from a major cut, how to put in your child’s car seat correctly, or just being prepared when babysitting, Montgomery County Hospital District has the answer.

Montgomery County Hospital District offers a range of classes designed to equip county residents on a number of life saving tips and tools that will help save lives by being the first to step up and help someone in distress.