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The Woodlands Texas
Authored by Mike Bass

Most Woodlands Residents normally pay little attention to the requirements of our Restrictive Covenants and Standards (collectively called Deed Restrictions) or their enforcement. At least until they want to make improvements or major repairs to their property. But when they purchased their homes they agreed to abide by the requirements of these Deed Restrictions. Standards have been developed for both Commercial and Residential Properties and are applied uniformly across all The Woodlands. These standards are updated from time to time to reflect new building practices, materials and architectural designs. Numerous HOAs exist within The Woodlands, which also have their own Deed Restrictions. However, these individual HOA rules and regulations are subservient to The Woodlands Restrictive Covenants and Standards.

Our Restrictive Covenants and Standards are an integral part of the overall governance structure envisioned by George Mitchell. They were originally developed by The Woodlands Development Company to sustain his ideas and concepts.

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Spring Creek Nature Trail The Woodlands
Authored by Charles Frantes

Last Friday morning, members of the Bayou Land Conservancy and community leaders, volunteers, and residents from The Woodlands area gathered for a ribbon cutting ceremony to unveil the Spring Creek Nature Trail. The grand opening celebrating the completed construction of the new 13-mile natural surface hike and bike trail was the culmination of coordinated efforts between various organizations and over 2500 hours of hard work from volunteers.

Surrounded by lush forest and greenery, the Spring Creek Nature Trail meanders along and across Spring Creek, and is the first trail that’s going to connect Harris and Montgomery Counties and go all the way to I-45.

The trail has four main entrances: The Dr. Ann Snyder trailhead is located of Creekside Forest Drive, the Rob Fleming Trailhead is at 6464 Creekside Forest Dr., the Flintridge Trailhead is inside the George Mitchell Nature Preserve, and the Montgomery County Preserve Trailhead is off Pruitt Road. The Dr. Ann Snyder Trailhead is not open to the public yet, but should be later this summer.

Jill Boullion, Executive Director of the Bayou Land Conservancy, started off the ceremony by sharing a brief history of her organization’s construction of the trail. “On March 10, 2017, a group much like today gathered at the Creekside Park Preserve to break ground on the Spring Creek Nature Trail," she said. "I remember that event was graced by the presence of a bald eagle soaring over our heads. Our goal was to finish the 13 miles of the volunteer-built trail by the summer of 2018. To be honest, we weren’t sure we could accomplish that, but we are here today to celebrate that unbelievable accomplishment. The initial construction phase is complete, slightly ahead of schedule."

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Authored by Carolyn Newman

The Woodlands GREEN has a legacy of partnering with The Woodlands Township. Though it began with recycling, the two entities now work together to promote numerous sustainability related educational initiatives. This partnership is a reflection of the history and vision of The Woodlands, and the desire of Woodlands founder George P. Mitchell to obtain a better balance between urban development and the natural environment (LINK).

Many residents choose The Woodlands because of this balance of natural beauty, sensible development, and cultural amenities. The educational programs and activities offered by The Woodlands GREEN give residents a way to get involved and support positive environmental and sustainability actions around the community.

The Woodlands Ironman
Authored by Charles Frantes

This impressive display of mental and physical endurance will be an inspiring spectacle for people in The Woodlands to witness. The spectator guiderecommends the following locations to watch the race.

Although residents may need to deal with traffic and road closures Saturday, drawing so many people to The Woodlands, the Ironman race will not only drive business to local retail and service industries, but it will also generate revenue for the local government. The extra 2% sales the Township levies and the visitors will pay helps fund the services the Township provides, and the 7% hotel occupancy tax visitors pay the Township will go toward servicing The Woodlands’ debt. An additional 2% hotel occupancy tax goes to The Woodlands Convention and Visitors Bureau, which drives demand for The Woodlands as a travel destination to increase sales and hotel occupancy tax revenues. By having visitors pay these taxes, the local government is able to afford services for The Woodlands that would otherwise have to paid for by residents through property taxes.

Authored by Charles Frantes

The 32nd Annual Economic Outlook Conference hosted by The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce gathered local businesses, community leaders, elected officials, and corporate executives and advisors to provide valuable insight into local community developments and projected economic growth in Montgomery County and Texas. In the midst of a region that got right back on its feet after being knocked down by a devastating Hurricane Harvey, the event theme this year was “Resilient Community, Innovative Future.”

The first segment of the conference featured a community update from The Woodlands Township Chairman and Founder and CEO of The Woodlands Financial Group, Gordy Bunch.

The Chairman highlighted the impact that Harvey had on The Woodlands area, and how different groups worked together to provide relief.


Authored by Bill Bray

Since it first kicked off in March of 2015 with 8 members, The Woodlands Chapter of the Citizens’ Climate Education/Lobby has grown significantly. This grassroots organization, focused on helping citizens create the political will to address climate change, ended 2015 with 49 members. By the end of 2016, those numbers tripled to 150. In Chairman Brady’s Texas District 08, there are now four chapters with 628 members at the end of 2017. That is more CCE/L members than any other US Representative’s District in Texas!

Citizens’ Climate Education/Lobby are intentional grassroots education and lobbying organizations.  They have one rule: Treat everyone, even those who oppose them, with respect, appreciation, and gratitude.  Both organizations are nonprofit; Citizens’ Climate Education is a 501(c)3 organization and Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a 501(c)4.  They are non-partisan organizations, determined to build relationships with everyone.  
Citizens’ Climate Lobby has one goal, to generate the political will for the United States Congress to enact Carbon Fee and Dividend legislation.  Carbon Fee and Dividend is a market-based solution that will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions efficiently. 
Authored by Charles Frantes

In The Woodlands, an iconic sculpture of a man lying half submerged in the ground rests in the median on the east side of the intersection of South Panther Creek and Woodlands Parkway, where it was installed by artist David Phelps in 1989. 

"The Dreamer" is a triple life-size mixed media figurative sculpture originally commissioned by the Connemara Conservancy for a temporary outdoor exhibit in 1987. It was then cast in a limited edition of three bronze castings. The first was commissioned by The Woodlands, the second was commissioned by the city of Palm Desert, California, and the third was commissioned by the Sterling Research Group of Collegeville, Pennsylvania.

I reached out to David Phelps inquiring about the meaning behind the sculpture. According to Phelps, the sculpture's origins can be traced to his childhood home in California’s Central Valley Delta, where a maze of rivers meander and crisscross on their way to the San Francisco Bay and eventually, the Pacific Ocean. Middle River, Old River, and the San Joaquin River intersect to form the largest island in the Delta: Roberts Island. The threat of the island flooding left powerful memories and emotions with Phelps as he grew up, and sequentially influenced much of the artwork he created as an adult.