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June 23rd, 2017 - Amy Lecocq
We support local artists and arts organizations and advocate for our common needs and interests. The Woodlands Township’s consideration of a Cultural Arts Center is an example of a project that we wholly support to provide a needed physical hub for arts in our community. A Cultural Arts Center has... Read more.
February 20th, 2017 - The Woodlands In Focus
Job growth in the area over the past year has been impressive, said Gil Staley, CEO of The Woodlands Area Economic Development Partnership. “Despite the oil slump, we added jobs here," he said. In 2016, roughly 70 companies created more than 33,000 jobs, a number that’s up more than 500 jobs in the... Read more.
November 21st, 2016 - The Woodlands In Focus
Mr. Mitchell’s goal to have 1.5 jobs per household was rather unique for a suburban community. Certainly, as an economic developer, we see the positive impact of having an abundance of jobs for our residents and not be a typical “bedroom community”. The vision of Mr. Mitchell’s "Live, Work, Play... Read more.
November 4th, 2016 - Bob Kinnear
I served as the Town Center Improvement District (TCID) representative on Sen. Tommy Williams' committee that developed the "regional participation agreements" with the City of Houston and Conroe. We are protected from annexation per the agreements until 2057 and since it is after June 2014, we now... Read more.
November 1st, 2016 - The Woodlands In Focus
The Woodlands In Focus recently submitted an Open Records Request with The Woodlands Township to get copies of all of the Township's Incorporation Impact studies and memos (2012 to 2016). The Township was prompt and responsive to the request. Though these documents self disclose that they are not... Read more.
October 26th, 2016 - Dr. Ed Robb
By state law, we can incorporate any time between now and 2057 to avoid annexation by Houston and Conroe. The Regional Participation Agreements between the Township and both Houston and Conroe were entered into pursuant to the express authority of Section 43.0754, Texas Local Government Code which... Read more.