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  • incorporation costs
    Community Impact
    “I’m surprised to see the current board is moving so fast to have this incorporation vote, and I haven’t had anyone identify what problem we’re solving or what risk factor we’re identifying,” former Township Chair Bruce Tough said. “There’s a push for some reason and no benefit to be gained.”
  • The Woodlands Texas
    The Golden Hammer
    Houston annexation was always the driving force behind efforts by many local residents to incorporate The Woodlands as a city in order to prevent annexation either by Houston or Conroe. With the primary reason for incorporation legally removed, The Golden Hammer asked some community leaders whether the passage of House Bill 347 now negates the need for incorporation or not.
  • Goerge Mitchell statue
    "This exceptional community that we enjoy as residents is the result of one man's extraordinary vision of the ideal place to work, play, live and prosper, and that man is Mr. George Mitchell," says Township Chairman of the Board Gordy Bunch. "On behalf of The Woodlands Township Board of Directors and employees, we would like to take a moment of thanks and celebrate a wonderful man on his 100th birthday."
  • Houston Chronicle
    Almost 55 percent of Conroe ISD voters on Saturday opposed an $807 million bond proposal intended to build new schools, manage growth and upgrade security — the first bond rejection in the district’s history. In Cleveland ISD, where an influx of 1,000 new students this year led to more than $3 million in portable building costs, 53 percent of voters rejected a $250 million bond package.
  • Amy Lecocq
    The Courier
    When it comes to the incorporation studies currently being done in The Woodlands Township, one of the most common statements members of the township’s board make in relation to the process is the need for transparency. Throughout the more than 14 months that the studies have been going on, questions have arisen about access to documents and reports about the data being analyzed.
  • The Courier
    The issue of how to handle the law enforcement needs for The Woodlands if the community does incorporate has gradually taken center stage as arguably the most debated, and criticized, element of the more than year-long incorporation studies.
  • Township
    Community Impact
    The Woodlands Township board of directors said more time is needed before its incorporation study can yield conclusive answers about issues such as the cost of law enforcement services, but members of the board reiterated incorporation itself is not likely to go before voters this year.
  • Houston Chronicle
    area nonprofits, such as CareFORCE and Cassidy Joined for Hope are working to train both law enforcement personnel and students how to recognize suicidal tendencies in their peers and intervene appropriately. That is exactly what is needed in this community, Barnes said. “I feel like if your loved one is in that spot and struggling, you don’t back down,” Barnes said, adding that awareness is one of the most important pieces in solving this issue across the community.
  • Hello Woodlands
    The Inspire Film Festival is dedicated to entertaining and inspiring audiences with films, speakers, and events that celebrate the human spirit. The films will highlight local and international “game changers” who inspire the world will be showcased. The films are further brought to life through a variety of panel discussions and interactive community events over the course of the festival.
  • Community Impact Newspaper
    “The Woodlands has been building a sustainable model really, truly since its inception,” Palmer said. “Many of the companies that we talked about and many of the ones that are represented here today are the reason that this community has built that kind of sustainable growth, and I think we will see that growth continue into the future.”