Our Woodlands. Our Future.

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  • Houston Chronicle
    "[The] Woodlands really is a wonderful place to live! I love that everything is surrounded by trees. I have to wake up early, so going outside on crisp mornings always gives me a sense of freshness," A current resident told Niche. "The people here are really friendly, and you can feel like a part of the community just by going on a walk."
  • Community Impact Newspaper
    There are at least 10 international companies represented in The Woodlands, totaling 2,955 jobs with an assessed value of $149 million in office space, said Gil Staley, CEO of The Woodlands Area Economic Development Partnership. U.K.-based Aon Hewitt is the largest of the companies with 1,800 jobs, but other international companies include Repsol, Rigaku Americas and Holland-based Questback, which opened its second U.S. location in The Woodlands last summer.
  • Community Impact Newspaper
    Aside from allowing The Woodlands to incorporate as a general law city, the legislation requires a proposed initial maximum property tax rate for the community at incorporation be included in any ballot language. The proposed legislation also states if a majority of The Woodlands voters do choose to incorporate, a subsequent election would need to be held to elect a mayor and five council members, or a mayor and two city commissioners. The township’s board of directors has seven members today.
  • Community Impact Newspaper
    “Other events are drawn here because of the safety, aesthetics and beauty of our community,” Bunch said. “The success of other events here makes it an attractive venue. The Waterway Arts Festival is at the top of the list. The Inspire Film Festival was also just held here, and we hope that grows and is successful here in [The Woodlands]. Anything that comes here will be welcome since it also adds to the hotel tax base.”
  • Community Impact Newspaper
    Tim Welbes, co-president of the Development Company, said the trail will be a place of tranquility when completed in 2018. This is the preserve’s fourth trailhead and the nature trail. “Stop and listen,” Welbes said. “All of [this] handwork results in a moment where you can leave cell phones off, walk a few hundred feet and you’re in stone silence. It’s pretty magical with the digital world we live in. That’s what this facility is all about—to unplug and recharge.”
  • Community Impact Newspaper
    Over the past 43 years since the Village of Grogan’s Mill opened in 1974, George Mitchell’s vision has come to life with the development of each of the eight residential villages that make up The Woodlands.
  • The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce
    Montgomery County Day at the Capitol brings together a Montgomery County grassroots network of members and friends of all Montgomery County Chambers of Commerce. Join us for the 85th Legislative Session to work to increase public and legislative support for our business community.
  • Community Impact Newspaper
    According to the EDP, The Woodlands has 33,128 jobs, up from 32,618 jobs in 2016. This refers to nonretail companies with more than 100 employees. The top five major employers in The Woodlands that were named at the conference are Conroe ISD, Anardarko Petroleum Corporation, Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital, Aon and ExxonMobil.
  • GoodCall
    The Woodlands is a planned community is eastern Texas, established in 1974 by oil industry investor George Mitchell. He envisioned The Woodlands as a suburban area outside of Houston that would offer a high quality of life with both affordable and luxury housing. It’s fair to say, more than 30 years later, that vision is realized.
  • Community Impact Newspaper
    Data that examines at The Woodlands’ major employers, which includes non-retail companies and those with more than 100 employees, shows the community has 33,128 jobs, up from 32,618 jobs in 2016, according to the EDP.