Our Woodlands. Our Future.

News Files

  • ABC 13 News
    The Woodlands was named a Monarch Champion by the National Wildlife Federation earlier this year for its commitment to the endangered butterfly...The Woodlands' founder George Mitchell in the 1970s had indicated 25% of land in The Woodlands should be off limits from development. The current figure is 28%, according to a Howard Hughes news release.
  • Community Impact Newspaper
    The Woodlands Township board of directors accepted an annual report from The Woodlands Area Economic Development Partnership, which highlighted 15 proposed businesses that could bring up to 1,800 new jobs to the area.
  • Conroe Courier
    A handful of residents recently expressed their disappointment in The Woodlands Township Board of Directors regarding the recent ballot question of incorporation they said has left community members at odds.
  • Click 2 Houston
    On Tuesday, residents in the Woodlands voted against two proposals to incorporate the township as a city.
  • The Texan
    “In The Woodlands, we still believe in smaller government, fiscal responsibility, and limited power, which is why voters were overwhelmingly against incorporation all along,” Noack said. “I’m proud we will remain a Township, as well as the best place in America to live, and I know our best days are still ahead.”
  • The Woodlands Chamber of Commerce
    A resolution in opposition to the incorporation of The Woodlands on november 2, 2021.
  • Woodlands Online
    The residents are happy, and our community is unique. So why change? Why would anybody want to pay higher taxes to chase mediocrity? There is a dark feel to the lack of transparency, false assumptions, one-sided narrative, and brazenly political tactics being used to advance this harmful push to incorporate as a city. We need to be alarmed and we need to understand that our very community is being challenged.
  • Rice Kinder Institute for Urban Research
    The township has road maintenance, a fire department, a contracted police force (mostly through the Montgomery County sheriff’s office), parks and recreation, transit service to downtown Houston, and even a convention and visitors bureau.
  • Community Impact Newspaper
    In a Sept. 27 statement, township officials called the commissioned reports incomplete and potentially misleading, and they said they were not aware of attempts by the authors of the commissioned reports to reach out to the township for updated information before preparing the critiques.
  • Texas Public Policy Foundation
    “That government is best which governs least.” If we as conservatives believe this, then we should all be watching closely what happens in the Woodlands, a vibrant, growing township near Houston, Texas.