Our Woodlands. Our Future.


Currently, there are over 112,000 residents that call The Woodlands home. When The Woodlands was owned by Mitchell Energy & Development, the community was once projected to reach up to 180,000 residents. This was due to the high mortgage rates when more multifamily residences were anticipated. The Woodlands is now projected to be just over 130,000 residents at buildout. The graph above was plotted using data from The Woodlands Community Facts.

Another way the flow of traffic in The Woodlands could be improved is by reducing the actual number of vehicles traveling on the roads. The Woodlands Origin-Destination study utilized portable Bluetooth devices in vehicles, built-in Bluetooth devices at stoplights, and traffic counts from pneumatic tubes to identify traffic flow patterns coming to and from The Woodlands area. It concluded that roughly 12,400 vehicles a day cut through The Woodlands from one side to the other, adding a significant amount of traffic to its roads while contributing little or nothing to its economy. Not only does this cut-through traffic steal minutes out of residents’ and workers’ valuable time each and every day they use the roads in The Woodlands, it raises the average number of stops on a drive, which decreases fuel efficiency and in turn leads to more money spent at the gas pump. In order to divert this through traffic and cut down on congestion, the study recommended the development of “The Woodlands Loop.”

Ian McHarg did wonderful work studying the environmental issues on the whole 25,000 acres. We did such a good job that HUD then used the plan that we had as an example for other projects in the country. The concept would be 7 villages, totaling 125,000 people.

Even though The Woodlands land area has increased by 67% from its inception to its current size, the current projected population and employment at full development has actually decreased due to a lower density of development and preservation of open space.

On October 19, 1974, The Woodlands celebrated its grand opening and the introduction of this new community to the Houston marketplace. Progress over the years has been achieved through the collaborative efforts of our employees, residents, governmental agencies, churches, civic organizations, financial institutions and business leaders who have chosen The Woodlands as a preferred location. Defining events as set forth in the following chronology have made The Woodlands unique and the achievements rather amazing.

In all of these categories, the current 2014 projections are actually LESS than the projections prior to 1997 when Mr. Mitchell sold The Woodlands. For example, the current ultimate population projection for The Woodlands is 130,800 versus 150,000 in January, 1997.