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Mosaics of Mercy, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Resource Database Launch on December 19, 2022

by The Woodlands In Focus

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX – Mosaics of Mercy, Montgomery County, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Resource Database launched on December 19, 2022. The community can access the database through the website, www.mosaicsofmercy.com. In addition, personalized help will be available by calling Mosaics directly from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday at 346-703-0051.

Mosaics of Mercy developed an “evergreen database” that the community at large can access. The database will contain information on counselors, treatment centers, hospitals, support groups, mental health organizations, educational events, crisis resources, and more. Each resource in the database is vetted through an interview by one of our navigators to ensure accurate information. With this new system, there will be search filters to assist someone in narrowing down information for their specific situation. A unique aspect of Mosaic’s database and services is its completely neutral nature. We do not accept payment or market services for any entity.

Mosaics of Mercy will also have family navigators answering calls and creating a personalized plan for someone needing help finding resources such as counselors, support groups, treatment centers, and more. The navigator will ensure that the resources provided fit the caller’s specific needs and have availability. In Montgomery County, there are families with mental health and addiction struggles. There are also resources for these struggles. But there has been a gap between the two, preventing people from connecting. Mosaics of Mercy is building a bridge over the gap in our community.

With the rising number of mental health calls, increase in death by suicide, and Opioid overdose rising, the Montgomery County Commissioners and key stakeholders are investing in improving access to mental health services in Montgomery County.  Statewide, a 2022 report by Mental Health America ranks Texas last out of 51 states and territories for access to mental health care (2022).  According to Evan Roberson, executive director of Tri-County Behavioral Health Services, the center has served 4,251 people in crisis; the center saw more children in the first six months of 2022 than in the full four years prior (Anna Lotz, 2022).  In Montgomery County, our community has resources and people in need, but the gap between the two often makes it difficult and confusing for someone to connect to help. That lack of connection can be the difference between life and death.

Mosaics of Mercy will be a centralized Behavioral Health Resource hub that is free to the community. The goal is to decrease the death by suicide rate and increase access to behavioral healthcare and substance abuse services in Montgomery County.

Mosaics of Mercy is building a centralized resource hub in Montgomery County that will provide resources, navigation, and education to the community. The database will also be a tool that mental health professionals, medical professionals, schools, and churches to turn to for more accurate, updated information. We hope this will prevent the outdated lists from being handed out to people in our community. The goal is to decrease the death by suicide rate and increase access to behavioral healthcare and substance abuse services in Montgomery County.

Mosaics will continue to provide its personalized service through our navigators. A mental health situation is often complex and requires a navigator to make calls and draw on their professional knowledge to help someone get to what they need.

Mosaics of Mercy’s  Mental Health and Substance Abuse Resource Database will be a life-saving tool for our community & would not have been possible without the support of Judge Keough, Montgomery County Commissioners, Judge  Mack, and Tri-County Behavioral Health Services. Please join us for a Ribbon cutting and Database Launch Party on Monday, December 19, 2022, starting at 1:00 pm at Mosaics of Mercy, 33114 Forest West Street, Magnolia, Texas 77354.

By fostering an environment where brokenness can be shared and connections made, we create a sustainable shift to mobilization, empowerment, hope, and healing. Mosaics of Mercy’s vision is a united community mobilized to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others through a renewed mindset toward mental well-being. Together we can impact lives… one heart at a time. Learn more about Mosaics of Mercy, view resources, and how you can get involved or make a donation at mosaicsofmercy.com."

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