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  • Cynthia Woods Mitchell cuts the ribbon marking opening day in The Woodlands on October 19, 1974.
    Houston Chronicle

    Developers modeled the layout of the new community after similar neighborhoods around the country. Among the key planning committee members was Ian McHarg, a landscape architect specifically sought out by George P. Mitchell because of his unique design principles. McHarg embraced and applied a design that would minimally affect the area's woodlands and wildlife, according to a University of Massachusetts essay authored by ecologist Kristine Swann.

    "McHarg looked at The Woodlands as an opportunity to apply his theory of ecological determinism - allowing the ecology of the land to determine what development could and should take place," Swann explained.

  • Community Impact Newspaper
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  • Community Impact Newspaper
    The Woodlands has until 2057 to incorporate until it risks becoming annexed by the cities of Houston or Conroe, according to existing legislation. No timeline has been set, but the township’s board of directors has been planning since early this year how to incorporate responsibly when the time comes. See what the nine candidates had to say on the topic.
  • Conroe Courier
    In spite of the heated controversy surrounding incorporation – the action that would make The Woodlands into a municipality – each of candidates seemed to agree that the time line, cost and other specifics on incorporation remain unknown. Some candidates did differ on the need for an incorporation reserve fund and the potential benefits of incorporation.
  • Houston Chronicle

    Chairman of the board Ed Robb believes the zeal for immediate incorporation would backfire on residents, creating higher taxes and more red tape for doing business in The Woodlands. Both he and Bass believe there are other, more effective ways to combat the issues the township has with county governance.

    "We don't need a knee-jerk reaction," Robb said. "We need to be exploring our enabling legislation and working with our state representatives to lay a pathway to make incorporation less painful when the time comes."

  • Conroe Courier

    It’s unlikely that, even if The Woodlands were a city, it would be able to prevent such things as the building of the controversial Kroger fuel station in Alden Bridge and the clear-cutting for the creation of the Creekside Park Village Center. “The scope of regulation in The Woodlands is a lot more than the average city,” Foerster said, explaining that the current covenants and deed restrictions enforced by the township are already more than usually restrictive. “There is a misconception that becoming a city cures all ills ... Our deed restrictions and covenants are stronger rules (than ordinances),” said Bruce Tough, chairman of The Woodlands Township Board of Directors. “They provide better protections than what a city could do.”

  • Community Impact Newspaper

    The Woodlands Township is a special-purpose district that was created in 2007 through legislation, a referendum and regional participation agreements with the cities of Houston or Conroe. These agreements also released The Woodlands from potential annexation by Houston and Conroe until 2057 in exchange for a portion of the community’s sales tax.

  • University of Barcelona research paper by Raquel Insa-Ciriza

    The Woodlands (Texas) is one of the best examples of success in a public-private partnership between the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and a private firm. Developed as a New Town by Mitchell Energy & Development Corporation, The Woodlands has flourished and created a critical mass of residential development, employment, its own sense of community and, significantly, its own form of governance as the only example in United States of government by community associations.

  • The Woodlands Township

    The Woodlands Township invites community members to attend a public hearing on the draft plan at the Township Board of Directors meeting October 26, 2016, at 6 p.m. There will be an opportunity for residents to share their comments regarding the current draft of the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan. 

  • The Woodlands Community Magazine

    We might consider the bald eagle a symbol of The Woodlands and of the success of George Mitchell’s vision to maintain the natural forested environment. His vision was inspired by Ian McHarg’s book, “Design with Nature.” McHarg was part of Mitchell’s original design team, and his work left a permanent mark on the ongoing discussion of mankind’s place in nature and nature’s place in mankind. It is these principles that led to the preservation of the natural habitat that attracted the bald eagle, as well as many human residents, to The Woodlands. The long-term presence of bald eagles in The Woodlands exemplifies that the development of the community continues to be in harmony with nature.