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The Woodlands Township Elections November 2022

Election Day Voting Memo

by Bruce Tough

Election day is Tuesday, November 7. There is a lot at stake, so it is important to get out and vote. If you are still doing candidate research, my choices for The Woodlands Township Board of Directors are:

•    Tricia Danto, position 5
•    Ann Snyder, position 6
•    Cindy Heiser, position 7

I’m also in favor of the four CISD school bond propositions that were put on the ballot with unanimous support of CISD Board of Trustees and with broad support by a bond committee that included many residents of The Woodlands.

Registered voters who live in Montgomery County can look up their precincts here and election day voting locations here.

Registered voters who live in Harris County can vote at any of the Harris County election day voting locations.

For more on the Township Director elections, see:

This video from Tricia Danto is also informative:

For more on CISD bond propositions:

CISD has the lowest 2023-24 property tax rate of any ISDs in Montgomery County and the CISD school bond propositions will fund much-needed improvements and facilities for our local public schools, which are a cornerstone of our community. The bond will not impact property taxes for seniors, who have their ISD tax rates frozen, and the tax impact to homeowners under 65 is $4.17 a month for a home value of $350k including the $100k homestead exemption. CISD has an exceptional record of efficient stewardship of our tax dollars.