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The Woodlands Township Elections November 2022

Local PAC Township Future Endorses Candidates for The Woodlands Township Board Elections

by Amy Lecocq
Township Future slate of candidates for The Woodlands Township

TownshipFuture was formed by a group of long-time Woodlands residents who saw a need for a PAC to give voice to more residents after the bungled appointment of Jason Nelson and the four-year futile search to find a problem that incorporation could solve. We wanted to support independent-thinking candidates who would respect and listen to all voices. We live here, raised families here and heavily volunteer here.

We support Township candidates who have a history of community service and are committed to fact-based, not political decision making. Unlike other PACs in the area, we do not accept donations from candidates we vet. After a vigorous vetting process, we endorsed:

In Position 2, Jimmie Dotson retired police official. Jimmie is a Vietnam veteran with 46 years of law enforcement experience, from a line officer to chief of police. He designed our community policing model in 2006. He and Elsa, his wife of 46 years, helped to open Crossroads Baptist Church and now Jimmie is a deacon and leader at Cornerstone Baptist. He has served on many non-profit Boards including Interfaith. As we consider how to provide law enforcement in the future, Jimmie will provide first-hand insight to keep us safe.

In Position 3, John Anthony Brown, the incumbent, is running unopposed. He is often seen at Township community events. Last year, despite board leadership that stood with a faction, John stood with our students and played an essential role in passing the township’s Resolution supporting the recent CISD Bond.

In Position 4, The Rev. Dan Hannon has spent his professional life in service to others. First, as a school teacher and later as founding pastor of the Christ Church United Methodist. Dan tended to the spiritual and worldly needs of his congregation for 30 years. As the CEO of this growing church, Dan oversaw large budgets, capital campaigns, multiple construction projects and a growing staff., Dan oversaw large budgets, capital campaigns, large construction projects and a growing staff. He listened to his congregation just as he will listen to the residents and businesses of The Woodlands.

We are proud to stand behind these highly qualified candidates who will bring a fresh perspective to the board, respect the residents and their peers, make fact-based decisions and make our township’s future just as outstanding as its past!

Signed by: Amy Lecocq, Walter Cooke, Kira Becker, Bob Leilich, Rob Johnson, Ted Stanley, all of whom are members of the TownshipFuture Steering Committee.

TownshipFuture is a Texas general purpose Political Action Committee (PAC). We aim to bring together residents of The Woodlands to celebrate our Township’s vibrancy & vision through civic engagement. Our mission is to educate & advocate on key local issues, and to elect community-minded candidates running for non-partisan office. Join us to keep our hometown one of the best places in the country to live, work, pray & play! For more information, visit www.townshipfuture.org.