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News File - Impacts of Governance & Incorporation

  • Houston Chronicle
    A resident of the Village of Alden Bridge, Keichline said he wants to bring a voice of inclusion to the board and also said he supports the township incorporating into a city in the future.
  • Amy Lecocq
    Houston Chronicle
    A diverse group of community figures and local activists have banded together to form a new political action committee focused solely on local, non-partisan issues within The Woodlands Township.
  • incorporation costs
    Community Impact
    The estimated annual new net operating costs of those services for the fourth year after incorporation, according to Novak, is $2.82 million for keeping the current contract service, $10.65 million for the hybrid and $15.99 million for the full-service model.
  • The Woodlands Texas
    The Golden Hammer
    Houston annexation was always the driving force behind efforts by many local residents to incorporate The Woodlands as a city in order to prevent annexation either by Houston or Conroe. With the primary reason for incorporation legally removed, The Golden Hammer asked some community leaders whether the passage of House Bill 347 now negates the need for incorporation or not.
  • Amy Lecocq
    The Courier
    When it comes to the incorporation studies currently being done in The Woodlands Township, one of the most common statements members of the township’s board make in relation to the process is the need for transparency. Throughout the more than 14 months that the studies have been going on, questions have arisen about access to documents and reports about the data being analyzed.
  • The Courier
    The issue of how to handle the law enforcement needs for The Woodlands if the community does incorporate has gradually taken center stage as arguably the most debated, and criticized, element of the more than year-long incorporation studies.
  • Township
    Community Impact
    The Woodlands Township board of directors said more time is needed before its incorporation study can yield conclusive answers about issues such as the cost of law enforcement services, but members of the board reiterated incorporation itself is not likely to go before voters this year.
  • Conroe Courier
    In 2007, voters in The Woodlands approved creating the township and enabling legislation. The township has agreements with cities of Houston and Conroe that those entities would not annex them until 2057. However, before that date, the township could place an item on a future ballot to allow residents to vote on whether to incorporate or not.
  • Community Impact Newspaper
    County commissioners voted to send a request to U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady, R-The Woodlands, for federal funding for the flood mitigation study and necessary projects. According to a statement, a proposal by engineering firm Huitt-Zollars estimates the study could cost $1.25 million in addition to $95.5 million for flood mitigation projects. However, Doyal said actual costs could exceed the initial estimate.
  • Community Impact Newspaper
    “[Those sporting events are] a huge economic boost to the whole area,” said Rep. Mark Keough, R-The Woodlands, who authored the House bill. “As the city wants to continue to [host sporting events], they want to build an athletic center, but rather than put it on the backs of the people, they’ve got some resources available right now in hotel occupancy tax revenue. It would be nothing but a huge opportunity for this entire area to be able to do that.”